Grant Deadlines

We have two grant cycles per year, Spring (June decisions) and Fall (November decisions).

A one-page letter of inquiry must be submitted and accepted before any grant proposal is reviewed.

The letters of inquiry phase for the spring 2015 cycle is CLOSED.

The deadline for letters of inquiry for the fall 2015 cycle is May 1, 2015.



How to Apply

We award grants to organizations that are recognized as tax exempt under section 501(c)3 and described as public charities under section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

We have two grant cycles per year, Spring and Fall. Letters of inquiry are required for both prospective grantees and those who have been awarded grants before. The deadline for letters of inquiry is May 1 to be considered for the Fall grant cycle and November 1 to be considered for the Spring grant cycle. We strongly encourage you to submit your letter of inquiry at least 10 days prior to the deadline so you will have ample time to resolve any issues that may come up. LATE letters of inquiry will not be considered. If your letter of inquiry is accepted you will receive an invitation to submit a full proposal which will be due approximately 30 days from the letter of inquiry deadline, the date will be noted in your invitation to submit a proposal.

Grant decisions will be made in the Spring (early June) and Fall (early November).

Step One

If your grant interest aligns with our mission and key results areas, you should submit a one-page preliminary letter of inquiry to us. This letter must include your complete contact information, a brief description of your organization, a brief project description, your Employee Identification Number (EIN), the Ohio county served by the project and the amount to be requested. Omitting any of these items may cause a delay in considering your application.

Please note: Inquiry letters must be submitted even if you have received a grant from us in the past. Letter of inquiry deadlines are May 1 (decision in fall) and November 1 (decision in spring). Letters can be submitted by mail (see address below) email, or fax (330-655-1696).

Step Two

If we determine that the letter of inquiry aligns with our interest areas, the applicant will be notified by mail to submit a full proposal. The full proposal should contain the following information:

A completed Grant Proposal Application Form (which can serve as your cover page) along with the following unbound attachments:

  • Project Description (limit one page)
  • Logic Model (mental health grants only)
  • History of Organization (limit one page)
  • Project Budget
  • Budget for Current Fiscal Year
  • Financial Statements (two years, include current balance sheet)
  • Form 990 (most recent year filed, CD preferred, hard copy accepted)
  • Board List
  • IRS Determination Letter

While it is important for your proposal to align with our vision and mission, that does not guarantee an invitation to apply. Other factors, such as available grant money and other projects under consideration or in process in a given time period, will impact acceptance of requests.

Grant Decision Meeting

No further proposals will be accepted for the spring 2015 grant cycle.  
The next deadline for letters of inquiry is May 1, 2015, for the fall 2015 grant cycle.

Letters of inquiry may be mailed, emailed, or faxed; however, grant proposals must be mailed to:

Rick Kellar, President
The Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation
10 W. Streetsboro St., Suite 200
Hudson, OH 44236

If you have questions about submitting a proposal, call us at 330-655-1366 or send an email to